Richmond, VA Custom Furniture, Decor, and Gifts
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Master Craftsman

With over 10 years of custom woodworking experience, Scott Dysert takes pride and care of every piece he creates.

Richmond Born

Scott has called Richmond home for his entire life and is committed to bringing quality woodworking experience to the area.

Custom Furniture, Décor, and Gifts

Designing and creating custom wood furniture and decorative items is a large part of what Dysert Custom Woodwork does. I specialize in customer satisfaction and personalization on projects of any size from Christmas ornaments to wine cabinets. I use carefully chosen woods to fit the design, the customer, and the budget for any given piece. Because wood is so beautiful and natural, I don’t want to do it a disservice in building with it. Consequently, I pay close attention to the details, such as the joinery and the finishing processes and I let the wood and the grain dictate how the piece comes together. Any piece produced in the shop will be crafted using a variety of power and hand tools, with special attention to the final finishing process, guaranteeing an heirloom that will last for years to come.

Repair, Refinish, and Restoration:

Bringing an antique or damaged piece of furniture back to life is another large part of what I do. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction in repairing and restoring a piece of furniture to its former self. My personal philosophy is that an antique piece shouldn’t look brand new when I am finished with it, but it will be beautiful and functional as it once was. I try to use period materials and joinery methods as much as possible when refinishing antique pieces so that they maintain their integrity. The methods of the past remain just as viable today as they were when a given piece was crafted.

Engraving and Personalization:

Dysert Custom Woodwork can provide laser and CNC engraving on specific items to provide additional customization. I can also hand carve custom details to personalize further or to blend embellishments on period pieces of furniture when restoring them.


Scott Dysert is the owner and master craftsman behind Dysert Custom Woodwork, which is a one-man shop dedicated to the creation or restoration of all things wood. 

I am an enthusiastic artist who has always loved to build and use tools. There are not a lot of places to study and learn the craft of woodworking, but I was fortunate to find the Marc Adams School of Woodworking in Indiana. Under the tutelage of some of the best craftsmen and women in the world, I completed the Master Woodworker curriculum there in 2018. Each day in the shop, I have the opportunity to think, plan, and create something of beauty from wood. Please contact me about any project ideas you have. I’d love to work with you. 

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